Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews for NuSmile Dental & Orthodontics in San Jose, CA

NuSmile Dental & Orthodontics provides 5 star services in San Jose, CA. See what patients are saying about us!

Patient Reviews for NuSmile Dental & Orthodontics in San Jose, CA

Ana C.

The front staff is very nice! Specifically Grace! They are very attentive to their patients! Always get my cleanings here and they always do a great job. Dr.Wu is amazing!! Very satisfied with their dental services!!

Neal R.

Fast and painless, which is about all I’m looking for in a dentist. Had a few things done in under an hour, after work no less which was super convenient. Dr. Wu found one cavity I wasn’t expecting, but he explained he wanted to get ahead of it causing any issues, which is really the only reason I go to the dentist. The office is also surprisingly opulent on the inside.

Danica V.

Everyone at NuSmile dental is always so cheerful and welcoming. The front desk staff is really accommodating and makes it really easy to schedule appointments according to your availability. I’ve had many procedures performed by Dr. Wu over the years from cleanings to wisdom tooth extractions and they are always quick, easy, and painless! My entire family comes here and will continue to do so for many years to come!

Chelsea C.

After going to NuSmile Dental for years, they have always made it easy to book appointments and offer dental services. Dr. Wu and his staff are all around great. They are always polite and answer questions we may have. As someone who has a braces, it’s been an easy process to make appointments for Ortho Day. Having braces is a pain yet, the little things that the NuSmile Dental staff do such as giving tips, providing essentials (such as wax, bands and or elastic band placers) makes it all worth it and helps with the soreness. Their facility is always nice and clean! The front desk is always there to greet and accommodate your needs. Everyone is always smiling and kind to assist you. I highly recommend this place for your dental needs!

Memory L.

Every time I need anything, they are always willing and urgent. They have the best staff that are always so nice and make you feel very comfortable. Even if you can’t afford what you need, they’re flexible in providing whatever you can afford.

Shell R.

Staff is amazing and Dr. Wu has been great explaining all the procedures I needed. I’ve been coming to NuSmile for years and they taken my teeth real well from the very beginning.

Amy B.

I could not have been more thrilled with Dr. Wu and NuSmile! The office was bright and clean, and I was seen right away. The office staff were efficient and pleasant, and handled all of the insurance issues. Dr. Wu was wonderful! Very glad I found him.

Kristin R.

I had the most pleasant experience one could have with Dr. Wu. I had persistent pain and he let me know I would need a root canal. I was terrified.. I hate the dentist like most others, but he was amazing! He made me feel at ease and made the painful procedure bearable. His front office staff is so sweet, they really make you feel welcome from the moment you step in the door. I highly recommend their practice to everyone!!

Silvia V.

I love this place its very relaxing . Everyone is really nice and caring . .Maylee is the best she knows how to help you with any dental treatment plan . Thanks Maylee and Dr.Wu !

Abby F.

NuSmile dental is an amazing dental office! Dr. Wu is an amazing dentist and a gentle numbing expert! I trust him with all of my dental procedures. He graduated from USC and is a very experienced dentist. Dr. Wu has phenomenal patient care and does a great job explaining and answering all questions prior to starting any dental dental procedure.
May in the front office is always smiling and so kind. May and the front desk are always so kind and accommodating.
No smile goes above and beyond any dental office I have been to. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last month and they provided me with their cell phone number for any emergencies during the weekend and checked on my the next day to make sure there were no problems of pain or infection.
My whole family goes to NuSmile dental and I would recommend Dr. Wu to all my closest friends and colleagues.

Monica Z.

I have been coming to Nu Smile Dental for many years but have never had a yelp account to leave a review. I am long overdue! Nu Smile Dental has always made things easy as far as accommodating appointments and their services are wonderful! They also have a very nice and CLEAN facility which is important. They have a great variety of professional staff as well. For me, Nu Smile is a one stop shop. Most places I’ve encountered usually sends you out to extract your wisdom teeth or for an orthodontist to discuss braces. Well Nu Smile does it all! They provide all these services in one location! My entire family are patients! I highly recommend coming here for your dental
work up, you will not regret it!

Jay P.

The first time I inquired, I knew right away that I would have my dental treatments here. The clinic has a very welcoming atmosphere. They are super professional and friendly — Mae handled my insurance very well, Christina followed up with my appointment with patience — and they tried to accommodate me even with short notice. Dr. Wu was very gentle as well as the dental assistant(s). I am just happy that I found the right dental clinic and I am looking forward to my next visit.

Merylin S.

I have been a long time patient at Nu Smile and ever since, they have done nothing but take great care of not only my teeth but also me as a person. They’re very caring and loving each time we are in. I give them 5 stars for their hard work, honesty, and amazing patient care. Thanks to this amazing staff I have a perfect smile. I highly recommend them, they will do everything i their power to help you as much as they possibly can! THANK YOU! 🙂

Tommy C.

I’ve been going to Nu Smile dental for a few years. The staffs are always friendly and helpful. I love it when they call to remind me for check up and cleaning. I never have to call and make appointment. No other dental place I’ve been to ever do that. With regular check up and cleaning I have no cavities for years!!! Thanks!

Peter W.

I’m a long time patient and the staff here are very professional and knowledgeable.
I was diagnosed with early periodontal disease and they were able to keep my teeth healthy and clean.
They were able to accommodate my dental insurance restrictions and was still able to see me for 2 general cleanings and bi-yearly deep-cleanings.
Nu Smile Dental was able to keep my periodontal/gum disease in check and healthy. I am quite satisfied with their professionalism and accommodations.
I would highly recommend their services here.

Jesse H.

I’ve seen Dr. Wu and Staff at least 4 or 5 times in the past few years and I’ve always received great service. The Drs there are extremely competent and you’re always welcome with smiles from May (sp?) and the front office Staff. I haven’t had any major procedures done, but as far as their general cleanings and deep cleanings are concerned, they do a phenomenal job! I highly recommend Nu Smile Dental.

Pratap S.

This guy’s very helpful they did brace for my son and daughter friendly staff good price good work .Cristina was very nice . Thanks again.

Sabrina V.

Very professional. Had major wisdom tooth pain and they were able to get me in the next day. Dr.WU is amazing he talks you through the whole process and makes sure you are comfortable.

Debbie D.

I am so impressed with everything about this place! I had a check up and cleaning appointment with Dr. Lim and came in on a Monday morning. The front desk was the sweetest, she was very nice and friendly. Apparently I had some issue with the insurance but they were able to resolved it and best of all they did not charge me at all!
The Dr was super nice and friendly as well, he found some cavities and he pointed it out to me, explained what would be the plan of care for it. I am very pleased with the front desk and the Dr. I will definitely recommend this office to everyone I know 🙂

Khalilah D.

This review is long over due!!!
I came in on 12/22/2014 with excruciating pain!!!
I had called several offices to see if any were open because of the holidays and of course Nusmiledental was nice enough to take me in as an emergency patient office visit.
Come to realize the office visit turned into a surgical wisdom teeth problem as my teeth were impacted and that’s what caused my unbearable pain!!!
I had no insurance or any way to pay for all 4 of my extractions I needed pulled out immediately!!
The front staff Kristina and Betty were beyond generous and helpful explaining everything and offered in office financing!! Woohoo!
So Dr. Wu in which isn’t an oral surgeon specialist but sure was able to extract these teeth did a tremendous job within a few hours (2-21/2)all 4 wisdom teeth were out!!! Everything was explained well and all the staff here is very helpful and to top it off this office is beautiful!!!! It’s like walking at the Palazzo in Las Vegas 🙂
I would definitely recommend Nu smile Dental for any teeth extractions or just regular check ups!
They have become my new dental office to go to 🙂

Mia J.

I absolutely love this dental office! I was very anxious getting braces a year and 9 months ago but was pleasantly surprised with the work ethic of all the staff at Nu Smile! Betty is friendly and efficient! My orthodontist did an INCREDIBLE job on fixing my teeth! I couldn’t be more pleased with their professionalism! I will definitely recommend Nu Smile to all my friends and family! I will be a dedicated patient to Nu Smile 🙂

Loreal M.

One day I woke up in pain and my mouth was swollen. I had not gone to see a dentist in 8 years, and I had no dental insurance. I called around every dentists office in San Jose, and this was the only office that could see me that same day. When I finally got there it turns out I had a broken tooth that was causing an infection. Long story short, I did not get scolded for my 8 year hiatus, and they were very professional and concerned. I did not feel like the dental assistant was grossed out by my teeth or my situation. The last time I went to the dentist before this was a very bad experience. I now have insurance and plan to go back. I recommended my mother to this place, and all she talks about is how nice and professional they are. She will be getting cosmetic surgery done on her teeth.

Davy C.

I’ve got braces and they were great when it came to an emergency. My wires were poking into the inside of my checks every time I moved my jaws. I called to see if they would be able to take me in on a Saturday and trim the wires for me. I was told to get there as soon as I can. The staff was quick and efficient. They were friendly.

C L.

Believe me when I say I hate the dentist. While I’m not too fond of having dental work, these guys certainly make it easier. The reception staff are friendly and knowledgable about insurance, the hygienists are great and so are the oral surgeons. Awesome!

Theresa H.

This review is for orthodontics: I’ve been going to Dr. Matin for about five month for braces, she’s been very good and personable. She knows what she’s doing. I would recommend her if you are searching around for a good orthodontist with a fair price. I’m happy with Dr. Matin!

Enisa G.

I called them one evening because I was in SOOOOOO much pain. It was way late and to my surprise someone actually answered! She got me an appointment for the next morning and gave me a rate over the phone. I showed up the next morning and they took such great care of me! I am no longer in pain and will definetly be returning for all of my dental need.

Jonathan B.

I have been going to Nu Smile dental for a few years now after switching from a terrible dental office and I must say this place is literally a breath (scuse the pun) of fresh air.
First, the staff is very attentive (not to mention easy on the eyes) and will work with you within your preferred schedule. They are also very informative about the types of procedures you might need.
Second, the dentists’ themselves are very knowledgeable and will make any procedure as comfortable as they can make it for you and will take their time to make sure your dental needs are met.
Last, the follow up is excellent to ensure that you are doing well with the work you’ve had done.
I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family. They work with both both children and adults great!

Joanne C.

Compared to my old dentist, this place is 1,000% better! Everyone is super nice and actually KNOWS what they’re doing.
The doctor is the best! Explains every procedure so I know exactly what to expect and makes sure that I’m never in any pain.
I had 10 cavities (YIKES!! I know.. It’s pretty embarrassing, but w/e; for the sake of the review I’ll reveal my imperfections 🙂 to fill the other day and Dr. Wu tried to fill them without any anesthetics. He told me to let him know when it hurt, so every time it hurt I let him know, then he figured that I couldn’t take it so asked the assistant to get me the anesthetics. We talked about the anesthetics and he actually let me choose which was definitely new and different for me. I like that I had the choice to opt out of it. And I did because I felt like I could bare the pain, which is very tolerable! I’m glad I opted out because I was able to have lunch with my sister right after so it worked out perfectly.
They also worked things out with my insurance so I get the most out of it without having to pay any expenses out of my pocket :]
I definitely recommend this place!

Karin O.

I came to Nu Smile after having a toothache for days….very phobic about dentists so I am a horrible patient. They were so welcoming, reassuring and nice that I really felt like they cared. Turns out my tooth needed to be extracted by the oral surgeon. He was so patient while I asked a million questions! The front office staff went over all of the insurance coverage and our responsibilities before anything was done….and it worked out to very little out of pocket expense which is really important. They made me so comfortable that I will be going back there to get the little cavities done before they get bad….and my husband is now a patient there too. Great place for people who are nervous about going to the dentist!

Rebecca R.

I recently went to another ortho place in San Jose. I opted out because the financial manager at this place was very pushy, very intimidating! She knew I was debating on if I should get the braces or not.She even said I can leave a post-dated check! NO THANKS! Absolutely UNFRIENDLY!
However, my teeth still bothered me. I made an appointment with NuSmile on Blossom Hill. From the get-go, Dr. Phong, was very friendly. He took the time to show me, with a mirror, what was going on with my teeth. Then after the ortho-consult, he walked me to the front where I met Christine. Very friendly. She gave me the breakdown quote of what I was looking at and the different options of payment plans. She then handed me the paper and there was no obligation involved! 100% no awkwardness! Later that evening, someone else called me from that office and took off another $100. In total, the price was a little bit less than the first place I went to but because of the FRIENDLINESS this business has shown, instead of them trying to shove a deal in your face, I said “YES,” and I get braces on the 16th of March…. I can’t wait! KUDOS to the NuSmile Office on Blossom Hill. They totally understand the people who are living on limited income!
PS. The place doesn’t look like your typical dental-ortho office. It looks sort of mini-luxurious!