Gum Recession

Gum Recession

In case you have been diagnosed with a condition that may have severely affected your gums, your dentist can opt several methods of treatment to mend them. Accumulation of bacteria in the gum line is recorded as the major cause of gum disease among patients who fail to follow routine oral hygiene practices.

Your dentist would possibly recommend a tissue grafting procedure if your gums have started to expose the roots of your teeth. This condition is also known as gum recession. Receding gum tissues may pose a threat to the enamel's health and longevity making it more sensitive and prone to other conditions.

Types of Gum Surgery

If the patient has developed a chronic level of gum disease that'd mean surgery, there are different types of surgical ways by which they may be treated:

  • Pocket Reduction (Gingival Flap Surgery)

    A surgical means of removing any bacteria by folding back the gums. The periodontist would secure gum tissues against your teeth allowing regrowth of cellular mouth tissues.

  • Regeneration

    This a procedure that is similar to a gingival flap surgery. Although, the difference is that a regenerative surgery would insert bone grafts, membranes or tissue-stimulating proteins to promote the growth of gum tissues.

  • Crown Lengthening

    A crown lengthening procedure helps make your teeth appear longer. This procedure also has cosmetic benefits.

  • Soft Tissue Grafts

    A gum graft procedure involves replacing your gum tissues that have receded or removed away with sample tissues from other parts of the mouth.

Recovery From Gum Tissue Surgery

The patient would be able to go home post the surgery. Dietary and restriction on immediate physical activity may be instructed by the dentist. It would be advisable not to brush or floss the gum line. The patient would be advised to use special mouth rinses to help control the plaque during the healing process. Usage of antibiotics can help reduce infection.

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