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Did you know that dental implants are installed directly into your jawbone? Although it seems painful to replace missing teeth with permanent techniques such as implants, it is extremely valuable as it can re-strengthen the jawbone and give your teeth a new permanent hold. Other benefits include:

– Dental implants are designed specifically for each patient to fit their dental profile for a natural and comfortable fit that can improve your smile’s function and appearance, oftentimes much better than other treatments can.
– Other treatments such as dentures can become loose and fall out at embarrassing times, but dental implants will hold as fast as natural teeth can.
– Your jaw strengthens from dental implants due to a process called Osseointegration, which tightens the jaws grip on the implants as it becomes part of your natural body.
– A smile filled with an entire set of teeth can improve your self-esteem and self-worth.
– Dental implants can fill out your dental profile and make you look much younger than with a face sunken in by missing and unreplaced teeth.

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