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Have you been flossing correctly? Do you floss every single day? Although many individuals brush their teeth daily, it’s just as important to floss, because brushing alone cannot reach between teeth for an effective clean. Listed below are a few frequently asked questions about dental floss:

Question: What kinds of dental floss should I use?
– Try to use dental floss that is shred and tear-resistant. Single filament thread works better for this than multifilament thread. Also, use products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association. You can also speak with your dentist about which dental floss brand and style would be best for you.

Question: Are there alternatives to dental floss?
– If you find yourself struggling to use dental floss or suffer from muscle or bone ailments, a water flosser should be used instead. Water flossers shoot concentrated beams of water at teeth to effectively clean between and around them.

Question: What is the best technique for using dental floss?
– Although effective flossing techniques vary from user to user, some rules never change. Always clean between each tooth and around the sides, using a “c” angle when flossing. Use a strand at least 18 inches long so you can clean between each tooth with a new section of floss. Never use the same part of the thread more than once.

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