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Teeth whitening is the key to having a whiter and brighter smile. Fortunately, there are many treatments in the world today that can help you achieve the smile you want. However, before you select a treatment for your smile, it’s best to consider a few things so you can have the best and most convenient treatment possible.

First, remember that not every tooth can be whitened with teeth whitening treatment, especially if it has severe discoloration. This means regular treatments are typically a waste of time because they aren’t likely to remove the set-in stains. So, make sure to talk to your dentist before starting a treatment so you know which treatment is right for you.

Second, remember that some whitening treatments aren’t covered by dental insurance. If they’re not included in the plan, they can get expensive. This is why we recommend calling your dental insurance company and seeing if the treatment is covered so you can avoid unwanted stress.

Third, remember that there are many differences between in-office and at-home whitening treatments. In-office treatments are quick and successful and they can remove stubborn stains, giving you a brighter smile. At-home whitening can whiten your smile within the walls of your own home, but it might be a little while before you witness results. This treatment is also weak when eliminating hard, set-in stains.

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