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As your child’s mouth continues to develop minor deviations can start to develop in their oral structure. This can sometimes cause a significant gap to develop between two or more teeth. This is also known as a diastema.

Left unaddressed this condition could cause the gapped teeth to drift out of alignment leading to an increased risk of chipped tooth enamel and problems with dental attrition. At the same time many adolescents with gapped teeth go on to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile.

In many cases such as this an experienced dentist like Dr. Lawrence Wu can often reduce the spacing between the teeth or help maintain a healthy alignment by installing a complete or abbreviated form of clear braces.

After the braces have been installed he will adjust and tighten the braces as needed. This will gradually affect the periodontal ligaments that anchor the teeth into the gums, or serve to prevent further changes in the orientation of the teeth.

More advanced treatments might be needed after their full compliment complement teeth have emerged. If so, Dr. Lawrence Wu will help you understand the most effective treatment plan.

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